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Family name Description Researcher # of TFs Last update
bHLH The basic Helix-Loop-Helix (bHLH) transcriptional factors belong to a family of transcript.. biomyst (Juhyeon Kim) 89 2006-01-02
bZIP The basic leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factors have been involved in sulfur metabol.. liebehada (Sunghyung Kong) 113 2006-01-02
C2H2 zinc finger C2H2 (Cys-Cys-His-His motif) zinc finger proteins belong to superfamily of regulatory tran.. starflr (Jongsun Park) 319 2006-01-02
Forkhead Forkhead type transcription factors are a class of regulators that function in a broad spe.. asdfppp2 (Jaejin Park) 17 2006-01-02
GATA type zinc finger GATA transcription factors contains zinc finger motif which can bind DNA with zinc ion. Th.. starflr (Jongsun Park) 29 2006-01-02
Homeobox The homeobox domain was first identified in a number of drosophila homeotic and segmentati.. ralrala (김세련) 63 2006-01-02
MADS-box MADS-box transcription factor is a eukaryotic family of transcription regulators involved .. starflr (Jongsun Park) 13 2006-01-02
Myb The Myb family of proteins is a group of functionally diverse proteins that include the co.. liebehada (Sunghyung Kong) 133 2006-01-02
Zn2Cys6 Zn(II)2Cys6 transcription factors are transcription regulators, which are exclusively iden.. starflr (Jongsun Park) 1,613 2006-01-02
APSES The APSES transcriptional factors, which belong to another family of transcriptional regul.. amethyst (JaeYoung Choi) 14 2006-01-03
HMG High mobility group (HMG or HMGB) proteins are a family of relatively low molecular weight.. starflr (Jongsun Park) 162 2006-03-28
Heteromeric CCAAT factors The CCAAT-binding factor (CBF) is a mammalian transcription factor that binds to a CCAAT m.. starflr (Jongsun Park) 26 2006-03-28
Grainyhead/CP2 Grainyhead/CP2 family was defined as the group of genes which shows hightly conserved prot.. starflr (Jongsun Park) 4 2006-03-28
TEA/ATTS The most sequence conservation between TEF-1, TEC1 and ABAA is a block of 66-68 amino acid.. starflr (Jongsun Park) 0 2006-07-06
Centromere protein B, DNA-binding region The centromere is a region of the chromosome essential for its segregation during cell div.. starflr (Jongsun Park) 16 2006-07-06
NDT80/PhoG like DNA-binding Ndt80/PhoG like transcription factors (NP-TF) are defined based on similarity to Ndt80 and.. kong (강소영) 13 2006-07-06
Nucleic acid-binding, OB-fold The OB-fold is supposed to be an oligonucleotide and oligosaccharide binding fold to study.. starflr (Jongsun Park) 183 2006-07-06
Winged helix repressor DNA-binding Winged helix DNA-binding proteins share a related winged helix-turn-helix DNA-binding moti.. starflr (Jongsun Park) 98 2006-07-06
Transcription factor jumonji The jumonji domain is a highly conserved bipartite domain made up of two subdomains, jmjN .. starflr (Jongsun Park) 26 2006-07-06
YL1 nuclear protein The proteins in this family are designated YL1. They have been shown to be DNA-binding and.. starflr (Jongsun Park) 4 2006-08-24
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