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Detalied information of TF Family

Detailed information of TF Family

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Zinc finger, Rad18-type putative


This transcription factor family represents a zinc finger motif found in proteins such as RAD18. The domain is a potential zinc finger for nucleic acid binding and a putative nucleotide binding sequence. Human RAD18 accumulates very rapidly and remains for a long period of time at sites of different types of DNA damage, and is required of DNA. RAD18 appears to respond to DNA damage in two distinct ways: replication-dependent and replication-independent. The RAD18-type zinc finger located in the middle of RAD18 is responsible for the replication-independent accumulation of RAD18 following DNA damage, while a second zinc finger, SAP-type, is responsible for replication-dependent accumulation.


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10 TFs in 4 Fusarium species


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