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Detalied information of TF Family

Detailed information of TF Family

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Lambda repressor-like, DNA-binding


Bacteriophage Lambda C1 repressor controls the expression of viral genes as part of the lysogeny/lytic growth swich. The Lambda C1 repressor have an N-terminal DNA-binding domain that also mediates interactions with RNA polymerase. The DNA-binding domain consists of four helices in a closed folded leaf motif. Other DNA-binding domains also display similar structural folds to that of Lambda C1. These include bacterial regulators such as the purine repressor (PurR), the lactose repressor (Lacr) and the fructose repressor (FruR). POU-specific domains found in transcription factors such as in Oct-1, Pit-1 and Hepatocyte nuclear factor 1a (LFB1/HNF1) display four-helical fold DNA-binding domains similar to that of Lambda C1.


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